Go Home, LinkedUp—You’re Drunk


If you’re a young professional navigating the waters of singledom, you obviously aren’t hip to the latest dating hotspot: LinkedIn. That’s right, my friends. Forget using the platform for business networking. Use it to find your next life partner.

A few months ago, a good friend was telling me about a man in her professional circle who found her via LinkedIn and was using the site to try and get her to meet up with him for a romantic outing [insert winky face here]. She was mortified and disgusted.

But not to worry—a new app called LinkedUp! is making things much easier for those who are looking for <3 on LinkedIn. If you haven’t heard, LinkedUp! is the new Tinder-esque app for singles to find digital dates. The concept is the same as Tinder. You either like or pass the person that comes up on your screen. You’ll see their age, first name, how you’re connected and the industry in which they work. If you like each other, you get a match notification. If the other person doesn’t like you back, no hard feelings; it’s all anonymous unless you match.

This “smart, new way to date via LinkedIn” isn’t affiliated with the network, but it is obviously targeted at young (millennial) professionals who really must have exhausted all other dating options.

Yes, it’s inevitable that people will date in the workplace (or some other professional setting), but LinkedUp! is taking things way too far. Digital dating platforms like Tinder, OkCupid, Match, etc. are in one category. When meeting someone on one of those sites, it’s a given that they will become a part (or an ephemeral bit) of your private social life. It’s possible that you might learn that you have professional connections in common—such is life. But LinkedUp is an entirely different story. This isn’t just happening to fall in love with a coworker (a feeling I’m sure many people are reluctant about pursuing in the first place). This is making the conscious decision to blur the lines between your professional and private life. “Oh, so how do you know John? He’s my boss.” “That’s hilarious. He’s my uncle.” It’s weird. (And just imagine if the date goes horribly … and the person spills to whomever you have in common. Cringe.)

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