The Definitive Answer: Who Pays for the First Date?

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My fellow millennials – listen up. I don’t care if you’re from NYC, Cincinnati or middle-of-nowhere Arkansas. I don’t care if you’re a lady, dude or don’t subscribe to gender norms. I don’t care if you’re black, white, Asian or anything in between. I don’t care if you’re heterosexual or LGBTQ+.

If you are, however, single, and on some sort of online dating platform, I need you to take 10 minutes from playing Pokemon Go and read this. It’s very important.

If you stumble across a human being you would like to mate with, and you ask them out on a date and suggest a specific activity/location, I have some news for you: You offer to pay the entire bill at the end of said date.

You do not ignore their recommendation to grab a drink or coffee somewhere simple, and proceed to plan an elaborate date that you will not pay for.

You do not ask someone to the fanciest restaurant in town, order a ton of shit – while they order next to nothing, and then proceed to split the bill.

I get it – the proliferation of online dating has made it easy to line up four dates a week, and that might be the kind of life you want to live these days. And, I totally understand how math works – taking a bunch of people out each week adds up; it’s expensive to pick up every single tab. But making someone else pay on a first date after you invited them out, is no way to act.

There are three solutions to this first-world dilemma:

  1. Take your dates to affordable happy hours.
  2. Grab a bottle of wine and meet up at a local park.
  3. Stop asking so many people out.

If you’re so romantically interested in someone that you want to take them out, make a damn effort – especially if you plan on asking them out again. If they’re the least bit socially aware, they’ll offer to split the bill [At which point, you say, “Nah, I got this one – you can get it next time.”]

Good God, millennials, have some tact. Just because this is 2016, it doesn’t mean we’re all of a sudden hyenas.

That is all.

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