Love Don’t Cost a Thing (Except to Gen Y)


One of my favorite things about being active on social media is soaking in the love from the young romantics of today.

You know what I’m talking about:

  • “Had a terrible day at work today. Then, got home to my hubby surprising me with flowers and a new Michael Kors bag. Luckiest girl in the world. ❤”
  • “I couldn’t resist showing off. My girlfriend cooked me an amazing dinner tonight. She spoils me, y’all.” [Insert mediocre photo of penne pasta, heavily burnt meat and something that may or may not be canned corn.]

And so it goes. (In case you couldn’t tell, I was being sarcastic. I am not moved by these flaunty displays of affection. Most of us aren’t.)

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Easy Decorating Tips for Your Gen-Y Home


Feeling comfortable in my personal space is of utmost importance, but that’s been difficult to achieve since moving back to New York where every living situation feels so ephemeral. If you were to peep into my room, you’d find bare walls with the exception of one small “piece” I got from Target a few years ago. I’d love to upgrade myself, but art is expensive and not very high on my list of financial priorities at the moment. And to top it all off, I wouldn’t even know where to start.

But I think I finally found a solution—and no, I’m not talking hot mess create-your-own-canvas-art Pinterest fails. I had the pleasure last night of meeting designers Robert and Cortney Novogratz at the launch of Toto’s newest super-fancy, life-changing toilet. I was hooked on their Bravo show “9 by Design” my senior year of college. Robert and Cortney are an unpretentious couple with seven kids (who have the most amazing names ever, i.e. their fifth child is named Five), and they live in outright style. I took the opportunity to ask them for some easy decorating tips for millennials who are just starting out.

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How Happy are Millennials around the World?


For the most part, I’m a content person. But every so often, I have these days. Days that I spend fantasizing heavily about stuffing my pink duffel bag with a few essentials and taking the next flight out of JFK to a big European city. Paris? Barcelona? I’ll take it. I romanticize thoughts of sipping red wine on the streets of a historic city while crafting a New York Times Bestseller. Pretty much the Holy Grail for every young American writer, no? Well, my visions of splendor never last long. I know all too well that the grass is always greener.

Indeed, as it turns out, young adults in Western Europe are slightly less content with their lives compared with other millennials around the world. Telefonica’s Global Millennial Survey, released last week, found that 90% of Latin American millennials and 86% of US millennials feel at least somewhat satisfied with their lives. Some 83% of those Western Europe feel the same.

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All My Friends Are Getting Married, Part II: Finances & Budgets

David Tutera

No surprise here: Money issues are driving a drop in marriages in the US. I’ve never attempted to fuse my life with another person’s, but if there’s one thing I know, it’s that talking about finances is pretty heavy stuff. That first discussion about money with a significant other isn’t easy, especially if you know you’ve made big mistakes in the past and you’re in serious debt (no thanks to those 3 pairs of Louboutins you charged to your card back in ’09). It’s a scary conversation to have, so a lot of people avoid it.

Some people are so daunted by the whole thing, that they avoid taking a serious, hard look into their own finances. Approximately one-third of US adults don’t know their credit score, according to survey results released by Capital One tonight at their “Credit Tracker Trivia Night” event. And that number is even higher among millennials.

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Millennials: Home Ownership vs. Renting


I dread the idea of owning a home. I know, I know—it’s an investment … and it’s a waste, just throwing money away on rent for a million years, especially in New York City. But I don’t care. The No. 1 reason why homeownership seems so daunting to me is because it feels so … permanent. Sure, nearly everything in life is reversible or fleeting (with the major exception of parenthood), and even though you can sell, the concept of owning a home feels so constraining. I take delight out of moving around every year or two, making new neighborhoods and places feel like home. This style of living isn’t really feasible for a homeowner unless they’re willing to put up with the headache of renting the home out.

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