Go Home, LinkedUp—You’re Drunk


If you’re a young professional navigating the waters of singledom, you obviously aren’t hip to the latest dating hotspot: LinkedIn. That’s right, my friends. Forget using the platform for business networking. Use it to find your next life partner.

A few months ago, a good friend was telling me about a man in her professional circle who found her via LinkedIn and was using the site to try and get her to meet up with him for a romantic outing [insert winky face here]. She was mortified and disgusted.

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Tinder During Dinner – Don’t Do It


A few weeks ago, my best friend was telling me about an argument she witnessed between two people she knows while they were all out for dinner. These two people happen to be a guy and a girl who are very casually seeing each other in that downright millennial way, if you know what I mean. He lives in another city and is in town for a couple days visiting her. All of a sudden, this guy pulls out his phone and starts swiping left and right on the mobile dating app/demon Tinder … WHILE EATING. “What are you doing?” the girl asks. “Are you on Tinder right now?” The dude replies, “Yep.” She hits him back with an, “Are you kidding me right now?” And he continues to play it nonchalant: “What’s the big deal? It’s not like I’m actually going to meet up with anyone. I don’t even live here. I’m just seeing who swipes right.” Cue freak out from our leading lady. And scene.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to 2014.

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Gone Catfishing: Millennials View Online Profiles With Degree of Skepticism


I’m an advocate of online dating—not just for millennials, but for people of all ages (over 18, of course). It’s a great way to meet people in an epoch where you can’t get through a single meal without a collection of iPhones on a table. When I first told my mom I was trying online dating, she was scared for my life. I explained to her that my abilities to Google stalk anyone and anything kept me safe, and I meant that. I can smell a catfish from a mile away! But I’m not going to lie—even I’m perturbed after reading the following stats.

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