How to Make Friends As An Adult

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Once again, TV has deceived us. Once you reach adulthood, friendship is nothing like what you see on “Friends,” “How I Met Your Mother,” or even “Orange is the New Black” [Taystee + Poussey + Black Cindy + Suzanne 4eva].

You don’t just sit around and sip coffee/beer with your pals all day at the local coffee house/bar/prison.

I learned this pretty quickly after I graduated from college and moved to Ohio. I was super bummed because I was having trouble forming solid relationships outside of my family. I would go to work, go to my grandma’s house to crush some delicious food, and then head home. Every. Single. Day. And what I saw on Facebook exacerbated it all: I would feel even worse about my friendless life when I saw photos of my East Coast pals going to concerts and enjoying happy hours together.

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Trendy Fitness Classes: Worth it or Nah?

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Bikram Yoga. SoulCycle. Pure Barre. CrossFit. Orangetheory.

Chances are – if you’ve met someone who does any of those workout programs, you damn well know about it. (Ya know, kinda like that “old” joke: “How can you tell if someone’s a vegan? Oh, don’t worry, they’ll tell you.”)

When did we all get so obsessed with trendy fitness classes and wearing Lululemon like it’s Marc Jacobs’ new collection fresh off the runway?

What is so appealing about these expensive classes? What is it about them that draws millennials in?

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Let’s Be Adults … Together

Bachelorette Movie
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It’s been a while since I’ve written. So much has happened since I shared my last millennial anecdotes. I’ve been settling into: a new city, a new apartment, a new job, and being newly single [an unexpected, dismal—yet inevitable—turn of events].

Through this crazy transition, I’ve thought a lot about what I want to do to this blog, and on a plane ride to Kansas City for a work trip, it came to me: I want to be a useful tool for my peers. Yeah, the stats I share are interesting and all, but at the end of the day, I know you guys aren’t reading my blog to find out what percentage of your cohorts are drinking wine vs. beer.

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My So-Called Minimalist Life

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I’ve said it time and time again: Millennials value experiences over things. I often cite a July 2014 Eventbrite survey that reveals just how much. In it, 78% of millennial consumers said they’d rather spend their extra cash money on an experience/event over a product.

For a lot of people, that probably means deciding to go to a music festival instead of buying an Apple Watch. For me, it goes way beyond that.

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New York, I loved you: A farewell to my hometown glory


New York, I loved you. Part of me still does, sort of. New York is a city of firsts for me: where I drew my first breath as a living being; where I indulged in my first of many cries; where I had my first kiss in a dingy high school stairwell; and where I first began my obsession with Aubrey Graham as a 13-year-old girl.


During my formative years in Brooklyn, I was invincible. Despite 9/11 and the terror it evoked, I had zero fear of the streets, the people, or the fast-paced lifestyle. In fact, I embraced all of New York’s eccentricities. I felt like I owned the city.

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