Love Don’t Cost a Thing (Except to Gen Y)


One of my favorite things about being active on social media is soaking in the love from the young romantics of today.

You know what I’m talking about:

  • “Had a terrible day at work today. Then, got home to my hubby surprising me with flowers and a new Michael Kors bag. Luckiest girl in the world. ❤”
  • “I couldn’t resist showing off. My girlfriend cooked me an amazing dinner tonight. She spoils me, y’all.” [Insert mediocre photo of penne pasta, heavily burnt meat and something that may or may not be canned corn.]

And so it goes. (In case you couldn’t tell, I was being sarcastic. I am not moved by these flaunty displays of affection. Most of us aren’t.)

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Behold! The Renaissance of the American Male


When I write about my generation, I often focus on the women. These young ladies seem to be doing it all: working full-time jobs, changing the world and navigating the oh-so brutal scene that is dating in 2015. (May the odds be ever in your favor, gals.) It’s a fact ─ millennial women tend to be a bit more ambitious than their male counterparts. They are significantly more likely to attend college and obtain bachelor’s degrees. (Straight up taking Beyoncé lyrics to heart, am I right?)

What’s going on with our dudes, though? How are they living?

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Sorry, not sorry. I wasted 83+ hours of my 2015 rewatching Friends

Rachel friends pregnant

Sorry, I’m not sorry. I’ve spent a solid 83 hours of my 2015 rewatching “Friends” in its entirety. And I’ve got to say—it was ah-mah-zing. The series was much better this time around as a 20-something woman who could relate to a lot of the jokes. That said, there were a few things I could not wrap my head around. I shall list them for you here (because SOMETHING has to come out of the fact that I wasted so much of my life watching this show).

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#tbt: What’s with all the millennial nostalgia?


For the better part of Wednesday, #ExplainThe90sIn4Words was the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter. I chuckled to myself as I thought about everyone’s favorite bad-ass band (Uncle Jesse and the Rippers, obvi), blowing into Super NES cartridges, my mom killing my Tamagotchi while I was in school, and a bleach-blonde JT, among other things.

People went crazy with the hashtag, and as of 6:45 this morning, it’s still the top trending. Even brands got in on the action. JCPenney creatively tweeted “Did I do that?” with a link directing to an ecommerce page where one could buy the Steve Urkel shirt below.

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Gen Y Women Most Likely to Stress Out. Let’s Chill Out, Ladies.


I’ve gathered a lot of data on the millennial generation in 2014—quantitative, qualitative, my own observations as a social media user. I’ve become aware of so many different millennial attributes and personas. The biggest consistency I’ve seen through all my analysis thus far is this: We are stressed out.

Yes, everyone is stressed, but millennials are far more so than the older generations. And delving deeper, millennial women are significantly more afflicted than their male counterparts. [Just look at page 3 of this Project New America study showing how much more likely we are to worry about everything.] Young women are more likely to go to college, thus accruing more debt … and, ya know, that whole biological clock situation doesn’t help matters much, especially as casual dating in our 20s and 30s increasingly becomes the standard (more on this another day, I promise).

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