Gen Y Women Most Likely to Stress Out. Let’s Chill Out, Ladies.


I’ve gathered a lot of data on the millennial generation in 2014—quantitative, qualitative, my own observations as a social media user. I’ve become aware of so many different millennial attributes and personas. The biggest consistency I’ve seen through all my analysis thus far is this: We are stressed out.

Yes, everyone is stressed, but millennials are far more so than the older generations. And delving deeper, millennial women are significantly more afflicted than their male counterparts. [Just look at page 3 of this Project New America study showing how much more likely we are to worry about everything.] Young women are more likely to go to college, thus accruing more debt … and, ya know, that whole biological clock situation doesn’t help matters much, especially as casual dating in our 20s and 30s increasingly becomes the standard (more on this another day, I promise).

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Pour it Up, Pour it Up–How Millennials Spend on Their Vices


Despite how grim a young professional New Yorker’s bank account might be looking on any given week, happy hour is a must. It’s not a practice; it’s a way of life. We budget our discretionary funds appropriately so we can hit up a good happy hour at least once per week and boozy brunch like bosses on the weekend.

It makes sense that this is the norm among my circle friends. Budget tracking app Level Money did an analysis of anonymous data from January to June 2014 and found that millennials in Massachusetts, Colorado and New York, in that order, are the top spenders at bars and liquor stores. (The fact that $15 cocktails are the norm in the city probably doesn’t help matters.) Millennials in more conservative states keep themselves a bit more sober, with Mississippi and Alabama rounding out the bottom for boozy purchases.

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I’m Still Here!

Dear readers, I haven’t neglected this blog. I still love reading, researching and writing about millennials. I’ve just had a lot on my plate the last couple months, but I’m making an effort to update much more frequently! Thanks so much for reading.

Leave Tips for What?! Millennial Dining Habits


I get it—we’re poor. But if we have enough money to dine out, we should probably be tipping accordingly, am I right?

Approximately one-third of US millennials don’t. According to a recent online survey by Harris Poll conducted on behalf of Michelin, 30% of Americans between 18 and 34 admit they usually tip less than 15% of a bill for good service. (Note: Thatz not okay. The Emily Post Institute, and well, society, says you should leave 15%.) The majority—70%—of Americans usually tip between 15% and 20% for good service, with those who are older than 65 driving this customary behavior. Millennials are least likely of all age groups to tip within the 15% to 20% range. Just 55% do it regularly.

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Millennial Ladies Love Their Ink


As a preteen, the word “tattoo” struck anxiety into my mousy little heart. It was synonymous with the following words: “Pirate,” “Miscreant,” “Biker.” Why would anyone get inked up if they had a legitimate job to go to each day?

The day my eldest sister came home proudly displaying her tattoo of a hummingbird fluttering around a flower, I was in shock. She was an adult, but I felt scared for her … like she had done something so, so transformative that would negatively impact every facet of her life from then on out.

I was wrong, obviously.

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