New York, I loved you: A farewell to my hometown glory


New York, I loved you. Part of me still does, sort of. New York is a city of firsts for me: where I drew my first breath as a living being; where I indulged in my first of many cries; where I had my first kiss in a dingy high school stairwell; and where I first began my obsession with Aubrey Graham as a 13-year-old girl.


During my formative years in Brooklyn, I was invincible. Despite 9/11 and the terror it evoked, I had zero fear of the streets, the people, or the fast-paced lifestyle. In fact, I embraced all of New York’s eccentricities. I felt like I owned the city.

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Later, Baby: A Brief Look at Millennial Women + Egg Freezing

A few nights ago, I felt the need to indulge in some binge-watching. I hadn’t watched “The Mindy Project” since my girl made the move to Hulu, so it was definitely time to catch up. A major plotline in the fourth season involves Mindy trying to get her fertility practice off the ground. In the episode titled “Later, Baby,” Mindy and her colleagues go to NYU and explain to a lecture hall full of female students the importance of freezing their eggs in today’s world.

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Brand Yourself: 5 Tips to Learn from Drake

Drake laughing

My friends, 2015 is the year of Drake — my favorite millennial in the history of millennials. (Though if you really know me, you are well aware that every year since 2003 has been “The Year of Drake.”)


Drake kicked off 2015 by releasing a surprise album that was unlike anything we’d heard from him before. It was a welcome treat that invoked a flurry of emotions (as always) – and on the eve of Valentine’s Day, to boot. This summer, we saw his character put to the test after a young sir named Meek Mill attempted to besmirch his name on Twitter. The upshot? Drake slayed the guy with a series of freestyle raps and a well-presented PowerPoint. Since this summer, not only has Drake released another album, but he’s hit a milestone as the 4th artist to score 100 Billboard Hot 100 hits; he’s received amazing reviews for his annual Toronto-based OVO fest; and he apparently began dating the greatest lady athlete of all time.

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Millennials at Lunch: How Convenience and Nutrition (Don’t) Stack Up


Eating lunch is one of my favorite parts of the day. Packing stuff for lunch, however, is one of my least favorite parts of the day. Deciding what to make and then actually preparing it is such a time-consuming task. If I didn’t love the taste of food so much, I’d opt for the most convenient option and take up Soylent as my main source of nutrition.

I do try, but I’ll admit that my lunch habits aren’t necessarily the best. Every so often, a burst of adulthood surges through my being, and I am great at meal planning. Usually, though, I find myself heating up a frozen Amy’s Mac & Cheese dish (not the most nutritious thing, but so convenient and so damn good) or devouring a hodge-podge of things I threw in my bag before heading out the door. About 35% of the time, I’ll spend out for lunch.

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