Gen Y Women Most Likely to Stress Out. Let’s Chill Out, Ladies.

I’ve gathered a lot of data on the millennial generation in 2014—quantitative, qualitative, my own observations as a social media user. I’ve become aware of so many different millennial attributes and personas. The biggest consistency I’ve seen through all my analysis thus far is this: We are stressed out. Yes, everyone is stressed, but millennials …

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Rachel friends pregnant

Easy Decorating Tips for Your Gen-Y Home

Feeling comfortable in my personal space is of utmost importance, but that’s been difficult to achieve since moving back to New York where every living situation feels so ephemeral. If you were to peep into my room, you’d find bare walls with the exception of one small “piece” I got from Target a few years …

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How Happy are Millennials around the World?

For the most part, I’m a content person. But every so often, I have these days. Days that I spend fantasizing heavily about stuffing my pink duffel bag with a few essentials and taking the next flight out of JFK to a big European city. Paris? Barcelona? I’ll take it. I romanticize thoughts of sipping …

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All My Friends Are Getting Married, Part II: Finances & Budgets

No surprise here: Money issues are driving a drop in marriages in the US. I’ve never attempted to fuse my life with another person’s, but if there’s one thing I know, it’s that talking about finances is pretty heavy stuff. That first discussion about money with a significant other isn’t easy, especially if you know …

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Which Would You Rather … ? Summer Vaca Edition

Woo! We’ve got a solid month of summer left, and judging by the sheer amount of out-of-office replies I’ve gotten this week, people are most certainly using up their vacation time. According to a Choice Hotels International summer survey, August is the busiest month for leisure travel with 43.1% of respondents saying the beach is …

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