How Happy are Millennials around the World?


For the most part, I’m a content person. But every so often, I have these days. Days that I spend fantasizing heavily about stuffing my pink duffel bag with a few essentials and taking the next flight out of JFK to a big European city. Paris? Barcelona? I’ll take it. I romanticize thoughts of sipping red wine on the streets of a historic city while crafting a New York Times Bestseller. Pretty much the Holy Grail for every young American writer, no? Well, my visions of splendor never last long. I know all too well that the grass is always greener.

Indeed, as it turns out, young adults in Western Europe are slightly less content with their lives compared with other millennials around the world. Telefonica’s Global Millennial Survey, released last week, found that 90% of Latin American millennials and 86% of US millennials feel at least somewhat satisfied with their lives. Some 83% of those Western Europe feel the same.

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All My Friends Are Getting Married, Part II: Finances & Budgets

David Tutera

No surprise here: Money issues are driving a drop in marriages in the US. I’ve never attempted to fuse my life with another person’s, but if there’s one thing I know, it’s that talking about finances is pretty heavy stuff. That first discussion about money with a significant other isn’t easy, especially if you know you’ve made big mistakes in the past and you’re in serious debt (no thanks to those 3 pairs of Louboutins you charged to your card back in ’09). It’s a scary conversation to have, so a lot of people avoid it.

Some people are so daunted by the whole thing, that they avoid taking a serious, hard look into their own finances. Approximately one-third of US adults don’t know their credit score, according to survey results released by Capital One tonight at their “Credit Tracker Trivia Night” event. And that number is even higher among millennials.

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Which Would You Rather … ? Summer Vaca Edition

Woo! We’ve got a solid month of summer left, and judging by the sheer amount of out-of-office replies I’ve gotten this week, people are most certainly using up their vacation time. According to a Choice Hotels International summer survey, August is the busiest month for leisure travel with 43.1% of respondents saying the beach is their preferred destination, obviously. (Approximately 12% said the mountains are where it’s at, and those people are crazy, so let’s move on.)

Arriving at a beach destination (or the mountains, whatever) is nothing short of amazing, but let’s be real—actually getting there blows, especially when millions of other people are flying, too. I’m a pretty avid flier, and I can tell you there’s nothing more aggravating than waiting in a security line for a family of 12 to get their life together; and the level of anxiety that arises when you’re one of the last three people waiting for your bag to show up is colossal. Imagine the feeling of panic when your bag doesn’t even show up. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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Pour it Up, Pour it Up–How Millennials Spend on Their Vices


Despite how grim a young professional New Yorker’s bank account might be looking on any given week, happy hour is a must. It’s not a practice; it’s a way of life. We budget our discretionary funds appropriately so we can hit up a good happy hour at least once per week and boozy brunch like bosses on the weekend.

It makes sense that this is the norm among my circle friends. Budget tracking app Level Money did an analysis of anonymous data from January to June 2014 and found that millennials in Massachusetts, Colorado and New York, in that order, are the top spenders at bars and liquor stores. (The fact that $15 cocktails are the norm in the city probably doesn’t help matters.) Millennials in more conservative states keep themselves a bit more sober, with Mississippi and Alabama rounding out the bottom for boozy purchases.

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I’m Still Here!

Dear readers, I haven’t neglected this blog. I still love reading, researching and writing about millennials. I’ve just had a lot on my plate the last couple months, but I’m making an effort to update much more frequently! Thanks so much for reading.