Leave Tips for What?! Millennial Dining Habits


I get it—we’re poor. But if we have enough money to dine out, we should probably be tipping accordingly, am I right?

Approximately one-third of US millennials don’t. According to a recent online survey by Harris Poll conducted on behalf of Michelin, 30% of Americans between 18 and 34 admit they usually tip less than 15% of a bill for good service. (Note: Thatz not okay. The Emily Post Institute, and well, society, says you should leave 15%.) The majority—70%—of Americans usually tip between 15% and 20% for good service, with those who are older than 65 driving this customary behavior. Millennials are least likely of all age groups to tip within the 15% to 20% range. Just 55% do it regularly.

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Go Home, LinkedUp—You’re Drunk


If you’re a young professional navigating the waters of singledom, you obviously aren’t hip to the latest dating hotspot: LinkedIn. That’s right, my friends. Forget using the platform for business networking. Use it to find your next life partner.

A few months ago, a good friend was telling me about a man in her professional circle who found her via LinkedIn and was using the site to try and get her to meet up with him for a romantic outing [insert winky face here]. She was mortified and disgusted.

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Millennial Ladies Love Their Ink


As a preteen, the word “tattoo” struck anxiety into my mousy little heart. It was synonymous with the following words: “Pirate,” “Miscreant,” “Biker.” Why would anyone get inked up if they had a legitimate job to go to each day?

The day my eldest sister came home proudly displaying her tattoo of a hummingbird fluttering around a flower, I was in shock. She was an adult, but I felt scared for her … like she had done something so, so transformative that would negatively impact every facet of her life from then on out.

I was wrong, obviously.

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Tinder During Dinner – Don’t Do It


A few weeks ago, my best friend was telling me about an argument she witnessed between two people she knows while they were all out for dinner. These two people happen to be a guy and a girl who are very casually seeing each other in that downright millennial way, if you know what I mean. He lives in another city and is in town for a couple days visiting her. All of a sudden, this guy pulls out his phone and starts swiping left and right on the mobile dating app/demon Tinder … WHILE EATING. “What are you doing?” the girl asks. “Are you on Tinder right now?” The dude replies, “Yep.” She hits him back with an, “Are you kidding me right now?” And he continues to play it nonchalant: “What’s the big deal? It’s not like I’m actually going to meet up with anyone. I don’t even live here. I’m just seeing who swipes right.” Cue freak out from our leading lady. And scene.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to 2014.

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Millennials: Home Ownership vs. Renting


I dread the idea of owning a home. I know, I know—it’s an investment … and it’s a waste, just throwing money away on rent for a million years, especially in New York City. But I don’t care. The No. 1 reason why homeownership seems so daunting to me is because it feels so … permanent. Sure, nearly everything in life is reversible or fleeting (with the major exception of parenthood), and even though you can sell, the concept of owning a home feels so constraining. I take delight out of moving around every year or two, making new neighborhoods and places feel like home. This style of living isn’t really feasible for a homeowner unless they’re willing to put up with the headache of renting the home out.

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