How Gen Y is Trying To Find Prosperity


The jury’s still out on whether or not millennials possess a false sense of entitlement (I maintain that many do), but I’d love to begin to dispel the notion that this generation is roughly comprised of lazy beings.

We are far from indifferent, and I think I first came to this realization back in college. I was heavily involved in my sorority back then. It was a group of more than 100 active members each year, and I remember, even as a junior in college, being so in awe of all the things these young women accomplished on a daily basis. They would run from classes to internships to part-time jobs to sorority events to their student professional organizations. I remember looking at some of these girls and just wondering, “When the hell does she sleep?” Seeing my peers work so hard to secure solid employment after graduation motivated me to do the same, regardless of how rotten the economy was in 2010.

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Dating Tips From The Millionaire Matchmaker


A splendid thing happened for me on Saturday afternoon, friends. I met Patti Stanger (better known to some as the Millionaire Matchmaker), one of my lifestyle idols. Patti, along with a panel of relationship and sex experts, presented the findings of’s 2014 Singles in America study.

Although the survey was completed by daters of all ages, I feel the results and Saturday’s panel discussion broached topics that really hit home for millennials who are out there dating.

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I’m not like a regular mom. I’m a cool mom!


Actually, I’m not a mom at all, but millennial mamas are here to say they are nothing like their own—because, ya know, millennials are cool and great at parenting.

A survey released last week by BabyCenter found that millennial moms are significantly more critical of their own parents than their Generation X counterparts. Sixty-three percent said their parents were protective, in comparison to 49% of Gen X moms who said the same. Thirty-eight percent of millennials also classified their moms as “worriers,” and nearly one out of three said their parents were enablers. Ouch—way to bite the hand that fed you (and possibly still does)!

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Does Business Travel Expose Some Millennials’ Feelings of Entitlement?


Millennials have been characterized by many as entitled, whiny brats, and I sometimes get flak for agreeing. I’m not saying everyone born after 1980 believes the world should be handed to them on a silver platter, but a sizeable portion of my cohorts do. I’ve compiled these observations over the last few years—through interactions during my four years at college and my post-grad life. And I can tell you right now, it’s not a matter of growing up in a working class family vs. growing up in an upper-middle class family.

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Gone Catfishing: Millennials View Online Profiles With Degree of Skepticism


I’m an advocate of online dating—not just for millennials, but for people of all ages (over 18, of course). It’s a great way to meet people in an epoch where you can’t get through a single meal without a collection of iPhones on a table. When I first told my mom I was trying online dating, she was scared for my life. I explained to her that my abilities to Google stalk anyone and anything kept me safe, and I meant that. I can smell a catfish from a mile away! But I’m not going to lie—even I’m perturbed after reading the following stats.

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